2008 / Case №6: Kidnapping Parents. The Irina Belenkaya Case.

Published on: 28 September 2016

A conflict between the French citizen, Jean-Michel André, and Russian citizen, Irina Belenkaya, concerning the future of their daughter Elisa was actively discussed in the mass media in France and Russia. The parents who kidnapped their child from each other could not come to an agreement. That time, Anatoly Kucherena acted as a mediator with no financial or other interest in a “clean” victory or “unconditional surrender” of any of the parties. The parties agreed to sign an amicable settlement providing for equal participation of both parents in the fosterage. Irina Belenkaya has signed the document and Mr. Andre refused to. The harmless child appeared to be a hostage of the international “senseless and grim” family conflict.

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