2006 / Case №5: The Andrey Sychev Case

Published on: 28 September 2016

According to Anatoly Kucherena, one of the most gruesome stories in his practice, a tragedy of Russian Army soldier, Andrey Sychev, took place on the night of the 1st January 2006. Andrey Sychev is a former Russian soldier who served in the armored forces near Chelyabinsk, Russia. On January 4, Sychev attempted to receive medical attention, but his request was rejected by higher-rank officers. Only a few days later, due to the worsening of his health, he was transferred to the city hospital, where he was diagnosed with numerous broken bones, trauma to the genital area and gangrene of the legs. There were two versions of the accident: either torture by fellow soldiers or and disease. The soldiers who were interrogated seemed to know something, but said nothing. Anatoly Kucherena and his colleagues at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation were concerned about this case. As a result, it was proven at court that Andrey Sychev was tortured by fellow soldiers. Upon return from Chelyabinsk Region, a number of loud statements about the situation in the Armed Forces were made. The competent authorities acted appropriately to reform the Army and make the situation in it more transparent. After all, positive changes took place.

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