The Xerox-Paper Box Case: The Sergey Lisovsky Case

Published on: 28 September 2016

Boris Yeltsin’s electoral campaign funding in 1996 case. Anatoly Kucherena’s client, Sergey Lisovsky, a large Russian show-businessman, sponsored and headed Boris Yeltsin’s electoral campaign conducted under the slogan “Vote or Lose”. On 19 June 1996, in the evening, Sergey Lisovsky was arrested when he took away a Xerox-paper box containing $500,000 from the Government House. The story gave rise to many questions: whom did the money belong to and how did the money turn out to be there? The mass media suggested that the arrest of the head of the electoral campaign of the main presidential candidate was “provocation and followed from the known stand of the heads of security ministries and establishments acting in favour of democracy rollback and cancellation of the elections”.

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