Marquis de Sade from Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street. The Dmitri Karpov Case

Published on: 28 September 2016

Dmitri Nikolayevich Karpov was an orphan home boy from the senior group. In future, he became so a called “teacher” who fostered and taught neglected children and prevented them from being sent to special boarding schools. Karpov was concerned about the situation in orphan homes. In the course of time, he decided that it was he who could change the situation cardinally. After all, Karpov left the orphan home taking 11 children. Later, a criminal case was initiated in respect of Dmitri Karpov. He was charged of any and all possible violence and harassment: physical, psychological and sexual. The mental state of the accused was examined. It was concluded that Karpov was mentally defective and was unaware of what he did, and, accordingly, that he could not be nailed on charge. Later, Anatoly Kucherena as a representative of the injured children insisted on re-examination. This once, the examiners recommended that Karpov should have been placed in a special in-patient psychiatric facility with strong observation.

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