Bulldozer vs. Veterans. The Rechnik Settlement Case

Published on: 28 September 2016

The Muscovites will long remember the history of how the Moscow authorities demolished dwellings in the Rechnik settlement in severe frost in January 2010, giving the key of the street to the veterans who dwelled in them, together with their things, belongingness and pets. The veterans from the Rechnik Settlement sent a letter to the then President Medvedev and Chairman of the Government Putin. The letter read as follows: “The Recnik residents have lawfully owned the lands and buildings on those lands over dozens of years and the authorities raised no objection in this respect. When the settlement was established, there was no conservation area; we believe that the conservation area is an excuse for dispossessing us of our land”. It was very hard to suspend the housebreaking and expulsion. Anatoly Kucherena regularly consulted the Rechnik residents and explained them their legal rights. The status of the Rechnik settlement has not changed to date and its residents still reside there. The previous housebreaking resolutions have been cancelled.

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