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  1. 2000 / Case №3: A Little Mouse Turns into an Elephant. The Platon Obukhov Сase

    On 11 April 1996, in Russia, Platon Obukov, a Russian diplomat, was arrested on charges of spying for the British secret service. He was advocated by Anatoly Kucherena.

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  2. 1997 / Case №1: “The Bathing Day” for the Russian Pseudo-Democracy. The Kovalev Case.

    On 19 July 1997, Sovershenno Sekretno (Top Secret) newspaper published a hard-hitting article about the then acting Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, Valentin Kovalev.

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  3. 2008 / Case №6: Kidnapping Parents. The Irina Belenkaya Case.

    A conflict between the French citizen, Jean-Michel André, and Russian citizen, Irina Belenkaya, concerning the future of their daughter Elisa was actively discussed in the mass media in France and Russia.

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  4. 1998 / Case №2: The Murder of General Rokhlin

    General Lev Yakovlevich Rokhlin, a deputy of the State Duma, was murdered on 3 July 1998. It is one the most mysterious murders in the recent history of Russia which is still unsolved.

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  5. 2002 / Case №4: “The Blood Tribunal”. The Larisa Lazutina and Olga Danilova Case.

    One of the most scandalous and tragic episodes of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 2002 was excluding of the Russian skier, Larisa Lazutina, from participation in the competitions and further cancellation of the skiing race results of Larisa Lazutina and Olga Danilova.

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  6. 2006 / Case №5: The Andrey Sychev Case

    According to Anatoly Kucherena, one of the most gruesome stories in his practice, a tragedy of Russian Army soldier, Andrey Sychev, took place on the night of the 1st January 2006.

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  7. 2013 / Case №7:Edward Snowden

    On 12 July 2013, Anatoly Kucherena, together with other rights advocates, arrived in Sheremetyevo Airport to meet Edward Snowden.

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  8. The Xerox-Paper Box Case: The Sergey Lisovsky Case

    Boris Yeltsin’s electoral campaign funding in 1996 case. Anatoly Kucherena’s client, Sergey Lisovsky, a large Russian show-businessman, sponsored and headed Boris Yeltsin’s electoral campaign conducted under the slogan “Vote or Lose”.

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  9. Lawlessness Encyclopaedia. The Svetlana Ismailova Case

    In mid-April 1998, a series of similar articles was published by some Moscow publishing houses. One of publishing houses was named “Avanta+” and the second one was “Russian Encyclopaedia”. However, those identical articles were signed by different authors.

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  10. Marquis de Sade from Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street. The Dmitri Karpov Case

    Dmitri Nikolayevich Karpov was an orphan home boy from the senior group. In future, he became so a called “teacher” who fostered and taught neglected children and prevented them from being sent to special boarding schools.

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  11. The Most “Illegal” Businessman. The Dmitri Lebedev Case

    On 14 December 1999, the Chertanovo District Court adjudged Dmitri Lebedev guilty and pronounced sentence as imprisonment in a general penal colony for a period of four years.

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  12. The Driver Oleg Shcherbinsky Case

    On the morning of the 7th August 2005, Mercedes-500 with the Governor of the Altai Territory, Mikhail Evdokimov, his wife and guard went on the road Barnaul-Biysk at a speed of about 200 km per hour.

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  13. Bulldozer vs. Veterans. The Rechnik Settlement Case

    The Muscovites will long remember the history of how the Moscow authorities demolished dwellings in the Rechnik settlement in severe frost in January 2010, giving the key of the street to the veterans who dwelled in them, together with their things, belongingness and pets.

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  14. A Schoolteacher in the Guy Fawkes mask. The Alexander Ponosov Case.

    In 2006, a criminal case was initiated in respect of the head-master of a secondary school in the Sepych village, Alexander Mikhaylovich Ponosov.

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  15. The Russian Mafia Case. The Iosif Kobzon Case.

    On 9 December 1992, the article named “Under the wing of O.V.” by Larissa Kislinskaya was published in the newspaper “Soviet Russia”.

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  16. Дело Глеба Агеева: несчастный случай или...?

    В последнее время случаи насилия над детьми приобретали характер эпидемии, причем жестокость родителей – естественных и приемных – ужасает.

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  17. Прощание с Бутыркой

    Вскоре после начала работы Общественной палаты в 2006 году мы вместе с моими коллегами и представителями СМИ посетили два столичных следственных изолятора, в просторечии именуемых Бутыркой и Матросской Тишиной.

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  18. Без Бориса Абрамовича дело не обошлось

    История, как известно, повторяется, только то, что было когда-то трагедией, впоследствии оборачивается фарсом

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